We Thrive to Help People

Our Mission

We Contribute for a Better World

We are dedicated to make this world a better place. We think that every individual on this planet deserves the basic amenities to live a healthy and prosperous life. With each product that you purchase from our store, we donate the profit to a charity working a humanitarian effort.

Every Contribution Counts

Cannabis Commerce wants to make everyday life much easier for underprivileged people around the world. We believe that only compassion that helps these people to achieve some upward mobility in their lives. Even the smallest contribution can make a huge difference in their lives. Our contribution can help the underprivileged people receive optimum healthcare, education, and infrastructure. We also want to help people who get severely affected by events like natural disasters or pandemics by donating to the right charities.

Our contribution can help people to gain upward mobility, employment, and learning outcomes. We are also dedicating ourselves to support current social issues like gender equality, end to racism, diversity & inclusion, environment protection, climate change, and more. As an organization, we understand our responsibilities for the community and its needs. For this reason, we have collaborated with various charities and NGOs to help in uplifting the people from poverty and other issues.